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FISH Campus Club

It’s a Christian club with purpose!

Fish clubs are a great way to organize Christian students, from many different churches, in an effort to reach their campus for Christ. Every week has something you’re trying to accomplish and every week points toward week four where non-Christian students will have the opportunity to hear the story of Jesus. It’s a great way to get the story of who Jesus is onto your school campus.

The "FISH" Strategy

Week One
Focus - Students hold each other accountable for what they’re learning at church, what God is doing in their lives, their daily lifestyles and who they intend to pray for that month.

Week Two
Inspiration - A guest speaker, either an adult or student, is asked to remind the group that if they will walk with God and pray for their lost friends, God will use them to impact their campus and see their lost friends come to Christ.

Week Three
Share - Students who were previously enlisted and who have written their testimonies out are asked to talk about how God changed their lives. This week is a great reminder that every time someone becomes a Christian, it’s a miracle. The second part of this week is spent in prayer for the same person you began praying for week one.

Week Four
Hook - This is the week a clear, simple gospel message will be given and students will have a chance to pray and receive Christ. The concept here is for every Christian student to invite the lost friend they’ve been praying for to attend the club this week, where they are guaranteed to hear the gospel.

Week Five
Planning – This is the week your whole club will help to plan what’s happening next month, still using the same four week rotation.

FISH Resources

FISH Team Building Guide

FISH Manual

FISH - First Meeting 2002