Partnership to package meals for Haiti

Monday, October 9, 2017 | 223 days old

Isn’t it amazing when God brings multiple groups together to feed people in Haiti? Youth Weeks at Caswell has partnered with the House of Abraham orphanage in Haiti for the past seven years to provide meals for children and the surrounding community. This year we were thrilled to have Servants with a Heart join the partnership. With every meal prepared, the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared. Knowing that the food distribution is done through Fenel Bruna, the Director of the House of Abraham, who ensures the gospel is being shared wherever the food is given, brings much joy!

Summer Youth Weeks provide a great time of fun and spiritual growth for almost 7000 students and leaders each summer. But it’s much more than that. Yes, over 350 teenagers accepted Jesus as their Savior at camp, several thousand recommitted to live their lives boldly for Jesus, and an amazing amount of answered prayers are all part of this 2017 summer. But one part that still amazes me is seeing these students package food at camp to feed 250,000 meals in Haiti. As they place the ingredients of the meals in the bags, prayers are lifted for those who will receive the food. Prayers for these meals to feed not only their physical needs but also their spiritual need of knowing Jesus Christ as Savior. 

Packaging meals doesn’t take much sacrifice of time – about an hour of the campers’ free time, but the greater sacrifice for some may be to help pay for the meals. It costs 25 cents per meal plus shipping fees. That’s over $65,000 each summer that has to be raised to cover the cost. We have so much in our country, and we have a responsibility as Christians to reach out and give to others. Thus, God provides these gifts through students and churches. 

Students are able to give to another country while having fun at camp, and they love to share their stories. For many, this is the only hands on mission experience they will have. This generation wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Partnering with the House of Abraham allows them to see the big hand of God reaching from our camp to Haiti.

The Servants with a Heart organization helps provide the food and arranges to get the food to Haiti. They are based in the Charlotte area and not only provide for other countries but also give over a million meals a year to parts of North Carolina. What a joy it has been to find an organization right in our state that meets the logistical needs of ministering to others. (

Today we are pleased to announce that all the food packaged this summer has finally been shipped to Haiti! With the hurricanes, the shipping process was interrupted but now has safely commenced to get these resources to a much needed area. Offer up a prayer of thanks for allowing all of us to partner together to spread His love through packaging meals. May God be glorified as each meal is cooked. May each church and individual who contributed to this partnership be blessed knowing they are making a difference. Go God!