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Summer Youth Weeks 2018

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NC Baptist Assembly at Caswell, Oak Island, NC

Looking for a youth camp at the beach that includes powerful worship, quality proclaimers, a hands-on missions experience, intentional discipleship for students and youth ministry training for adults? Then join us for one of the Summer Youth Weeks at the N.C. Baptist Assembly at Fort Caswell. Each week also includes daily quiet times, church and small group devotions, sports, drama, improv, games and more.

In 2017, we celebrated 321 salvations, more than 1,200 recommitments to walk closer to God and 103 who answered God’s call to ministry. Campers gave more than $67,000 to the missions offering and packed 285,000 meals that will be sent to Jacmel, Haiti. Go God!

Last summer we studied the life of Christ starting with a Christmas celebration for his birth and wrapping up the week with a celebration of his resurrection. In the summer of 2018 we are taking a closer look at the teachings of Jesus, specifically the parables.

The 2018 theme is “RE-IMAGINE,” based on the teachings of Jesus that challenge us to re-imagine the kingdom of God.

Theme verse: Psalm 78:1-2

My people, hear my teaching; listen to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth with a parable; I will utter hidden things, things from of old

Dates & Proclaimers

YOUTH WEEK 1: June 11-16
Mike Satterfield
Field of Grace Ministries

YOUTH WEEK 2: June 18-23
Jay Strother
The Church at Station Hill

YOUTH WEEK 3: June 25-30
Eddie Briery

YOUTH WEEK 4: July 9-14
Mike Satterfield
Field of Grace Ministries

YOUTH WEEK 5: July 16-21
Eddie Briery

YOUTH WEEK 6: July 23-28
Trevor Atwood
City Church

YOUTH WEEK 7: July 30-August 4
Mac Johnson
Brentwood Baptist Church

David Sons (evenings)
Lake Murray Baptist Church

Materials for Summer Youth Weeks

Camp Prep & Small Group Leader Videos *New*

Camp Prep Packet - overview of important information and forms for camp.
Below are some of the items included in the packet:

Background Check Policy

Registration Checklist - list of all forms to submit upon arrival at Caswell

Adult/Chaperone Guidelines

Church Group Devotions

Parent's Camp Connection

Pre-Camp Prayer Guide

Other Camp Info:

2018 Shareable Graphics - coming soon

2018 Camp PowerPoints - coming soon

2018 Song Lyrics - coming soon

Typical Daily Schedule

Click here to check out the typical daily schedule at camp.
And click here to check out a video about camp!

How to Register

The camp registration form is now available here! Written reservation requests for summer will be accepted only on or after January 1. Any request postmarked prior to January 1 cannot be accepted, nor will fax and e-mail requests. Please contact the Caswell Reservations Office at 910-278-9501 for questions.

How Much

$68 program fee plus lodging and meals. Please contact Caswell at 910-278-9501 for lodging and meal pricing. The program fee includes a t-shirt, camp materials and a BDT CD or download.

More Information

Program Questions

Laura Sampson
(800) 395-5102 ext. 5566
(919) 459-5566

Housing, Food, Costs Questions

The NC Baptist Assembly at Fort Caswell
(910) 278-9501